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January 15, 2018

Imagine knocking on the door of one of New York City’s commercial real estate titans and asking to invest $25,000 in one of their next multimillion-dollar development projects? You’d be the laughing stock of the office for years to come!

Equity investments in projects like these are usually reserved for institutional investors—insurance agencies, pensions, hedge funds, endowments, REITs and the like. On occasion, ultra-high-net-worth individuals might be able to participate in the capital stack. But rarely are these opportunities open to the general public.

Or so that’s been the case. Until now.

In recent years, a number of real estate crowdfunding platforms have emerged as a way of opening these opportunities to accredited investors. Sites were designed to solicit equity investments from accredited investors.

The marketplace opened even further in 2015, when the Securities and Exchange Commission approved what’s known as “Reg A+,” a provision under Title IV of the JOBS Act. Under Reg A+, crowdfunding platforms can market to both accredited and non-accredited investors. Now, real estate sponsors can raise up to $50 million from non-accredited investors.
Reg A+ has created a surge in crowdfunded equity investments. According to Forbes, online investments accounted for just $880 million in 2010. That number skyrocketed to $34.4 billion in 2015. We suspect it will grow even further in the years to come.

Tech Platforms Leave Users Wanting for More: More Deals. More Vetting. More Due Diligence. More Transparency. More Project Oversight.

While crowdfunding platforms helped real estate investors break into the online marketplace, the service these platforms provide is limited.  These platforms are essentially a tech solution used to connect developers with investors—a far cry from having a trusted realty advisor guiding you. These platforms serve more like a matchmaker than a trusted realty adviser. The brains behind the software simply don’t have real estate industry expertise. As a result, there is no way for users to know whether the opportunities offered on these platforms have been carefully vetted. Users also don’t know whether the deals presented on screen are really the best commercial assets to invest in.

What’s more, these platforms lack the industry connections to provide consistent, high-quality deal flow. Even if projects successfully raise their fundraising targets, there’s nobody providing project oversight to ensure each project is built according to what was promised to investors. Investors are forced to take on incredibly high risk as a result.

Shifting the Paradigm: Mitigating Risk and Maximizing Potential

Online real estate investing platforms have evolved since their early days. New models have emerged that are far more than a simple software solution. The traditional online platform is giving way to a new paradigm: an online social investment network.

iintoo is leading the way in this regard.

Considered one of the leading online Real Estate Investment Management Companies (REIMCO) in the nation, iintoo is an online social investment network that specializes in exit-oriented real estate investments. Unlike traditional software platforms, iintoo’s social investment network is led by a team of real estate industry experts that carefully vet each investment opportunity. iintoo’s multidisciplinary investment committee personally verifies the legitimacy of a project’s development team, building permits, construction plans and revenue forecasts before the projects are eligible for its online network.

Once approved, members of iintoo’s community can easily interact with one another to discuss projects and share trading tips. Approved members can also share real-time information and harvest the knowledge of the collective. Doing so enables smaller and less experienced investors to bridge the industry’s notorious information gap through the guidance of a proficient network.

iintoo’s extensive due diligence process helps mitigate risk. And because iintoo has narrowly defined criteria for the types of projects that it accepts, investors can expect to find projects spinning out double-digit yields. By lowering the barrier to entry, iintoo helps unlock low-risk, high-yield commercial real estate development opportunities to investors who would have otherwise been shut out.

Unprecedented Industry Expertise and Partnerships

Unlike the platforms that exist today, iintoo is led by a team of real estate professionals with more than 70 years’ combined expertise. The team has personally analyzed, invested in, actively managed, monitored and reported on the types of projects it brings to its online social investment network. Traditional software platforms can’t say the same.

Additionally, iintoo has partnered with the Meridian Capital Group, one of the nation’s largest commercial real estate finance and advisory firms. No other platforms have such institutional backing.

“By tapping into Meridian Capital’s private deal flow, iintoo is able to offer real estate opportunities in the small- to mid-sized asset class, which accredited investors would not be able to access otherwise,” explains Eran Roth, Founder and CEO of iintoo.

Fast Facts: How iintoo is Already Disrupting the Marketplace

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