Raise Capital

You can stop shopping for equity

With all due respect for best efforts we are working on a firm commitment basis.

Our investment mandate which includes reviewal of materials, due diligence and approval processes, enables our sponsors to benefit from complete transparency and ongoing professional collaboration. While underwriting on a firm-commitment basis, iintoo is raising capital from accredited investors according to Regulation D 506(c).

Investment Mandate

  • Equity Split

    Max. 90% iintoo

    Min.10% Sponsor

    Investment Amount

    $3M – $10M

  • Exit Strategy

    Up to 3 Years

    Plus Potential


  • Cash on Cash

    Average of 5%

  • Distribution

    Equity Repayment

    Hurdle 8%-12%

    Sponsor Upside

    Profit Share

    (From 50/50)

  • Focus


    Student Housing

    Senior Housing

    Storage Facilities


  • IRR

    Mid – Teens

Our Value Proposition

  • Underwriting on firm commitment basis
  • Quick funding commitment of 30-45 days
  • Programmatic relationship with sponsors
  • Incentivized revenue distribution waterfall
  • Meridian Capital Group is a shareholder and strategic partner of iintoo. In 2018, Meridian closed over 3,000 loans totaling more than $32 billion in commercial real estate financing.

  • Everest Re is another strategic partner and shareholder in iintoo. A leading insurance organization, Everest Re employs more than 10,000 people worldwide.