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October 1, 2018

How to comply with DOL’s fiduciary duty rule and also make substantial commissions

In light of the Department of Labor’s (DOL’s) fiduciary ruling, there is concern about the impact on broker-dealer activities in the short and long run. The market is set to be disrupted. It is thought that we are potentially entering an era of fewer investments and commissions for broker-dealers.

Stricter fiduciary standards could bring a limitation to investors’ choices. They may also lead to an increase of costs due to compliance expenses within the financial advisory sector. Additional fees may have to fall on the individual lower-mid-market investors, who might be priced out of the market.

A New Opportunity

However, there is now a new opportunity for broker-dealers. It not only answers the pain points of operating within the new fiduciary ruling but also benefits investors and brokers alike by providing new revenue streams. Let’s take a closer look.

Several national broker-dealerships have recently partnered with iintoo, a global company that operates as a REIMCOTM – Real Estate Investment Management Company – and offers the next generation of solutions for broker-dealers and their clientele.  iintoo has an extensive and proven track record of commercial-grade real estate offerings with unprecedent institutional backing from Meridian Capital.  The global company has developed a comprehensive investment model that lowers barriers to entry to commercial-grade real estate investments. Previously, these were exclusively available to institutional or high-net-worth investors.

As a company that adheres to the fiduciary ruling, iintoo invites broker-dealers to allocate their business dealings to the iintoo platform and enjoy lifetime competitive commissions from investor portfolios. On iintoo’s online platform, ownership shares for lucrative pre-vetted real estate projects are put on offer, following a rigorously conducted due-diligence and approval process.  The platform enables investors to fund exit-oriented high-yielding real estate deals for as little as $25,000, while enabling each broker to manage his investors via a user-friendly digital dashboard.

As a Broker-Dealer Partner of iintoo, you will gain:

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