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September 20, 2018

Real estate investment management company iintoo makes commercial-grade real estate accessible to all accredited investors.

iintoo levels the playing field in real estate investing

Commercial-grade real estate, which generates strong financial returns to investors and has outperformed the S&P 500 for over two decades, is often considered the turf of tycoons, institutions and the ultra-rich.  Savvy investors recognize the great potential of this alternative asset class, especially when faced with low interest rates and volatile markets.  But they soon realize that quality commercial real estate opportunities are simply inaccessible to all but the biggest investors; investments are typically extremely large and are difficult to find, let alone examine, enter and manage.

That’s why many investors choose iintoo, an online real estate investment management company. iintoo helps accredited investors acquire ownership shares in commercial-grade real estate while simplifying the entire process of choosing, entering and managing investments and making it easier.

Passive income, portfolio diversification, and investment networking through a cutting-edge digital platform

Investors access opportunities through iintoo’s digital platform, which allows them to choose projects on a deal-by-deal basis and interact with one another. Starting at $25,000, accredited investors may fund and thus hold ownership shares in a project of their choosing.  The global company’s offerings are characterized by projected annual returns of 12% and up, and are typically short term (two to three years).  Additionally, most projects involve renovation/upgrade of income-generating assets (such as multi-family rental properties), which provides investors with passive income.

Due diligence and project oversight by a team of experienced real estate professionals

iintoo carefully examines each investment opportunity by personally vetting the project’s developer, building permits, construction plans and revenue forecasts. Unlike crowdfunding platforms, iintoo works directly with project developers to create pre-approved business plans for maximum potential returns. It also offers complete project oversight throughout the investment’s life cycle, including site visits, progress reports and the handling of quarterly returns.

Think of it as having your own professional entourage – specializing in real estate investments – from start to full cycle.

Strategic partnership with industry leader Meridian Capital

iintoo has established a strategic partnership with Meridian Capital Group, a leading commercial mortgage broker, whose deals in 2016 averaged $135 million per business day.

“By tapping into Meridian Capital’s private deal flow, iintoo is able to offer real estate opportunities in the medium asset class, which accredited investors would not be able to access otherwise,” says Eran Roth, founder and CEO of iintoo. “iintoo is a hands-on partner that is motivated to support investors’ interests from start to finish. Our vision is to deliver the world’s most robust online investment program by bringing transparency and higher levels of risk mitigation to both consumers and developers,” adds Roth.

Founded in 2015, the global company has already accumulated a total asset value of $450 million. Its track record encompasses a variety of market segments, ranging from ground-up development to cash-flow assets, such as multi-family, student housing, senior living, hospitality, office buildings and retail.

Bringing transparency and clarity to financial technology

iintoo’s mission has been to build a digital platform that, in combination with the effort of the company’s management and employees, will give accredited investors the ability to access real estate opportunities that were historically available only to high-net-worth individuals, hedge funds and angel investors.

Jeff Holzmann head of iintoo’s US operations

“iintoo intends to change the way people in the US invest their money by giving 13 million accredited investors across the country the ability to access the many commercial-grade real estate opportunities on the market,” says Jeff Holzmann, Managing Director of iintoo USA. “Through its strategic relationship with Meridian Capital, iintoo has been able to give accredited investors the ability to create a curated portfolio that helps them meet their goals.  In addition, iintoo’s digital platform enables and encourages like-minded investors to network with one another, sharing their thoughts regarding both real estate trends and iintoo’s offerings. We are giving people the tools they need to diversify their portfolios with premium projects – there are very few conservative investment alternatives that offer similar high-yield projections for investors,” concludes Holzmann.