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November 20, 2015

Setting yourself up for a successful retirement with pre-allocated funds requires advanced planning. Your individual retirement accounts, or IRAs, are an integral part of the overall strategy to maximize your savings. IRAs are investment tools utilized by individuals to acquire capital and put aside savings, specifically for their retirement years.

An IRA can comprise stocks, bonds, private equity, assets and a variety of other financial products. For the most part, a traditional IRA is tax deductible up to the cap of $5,000 annually; income tax will only be paid on withdrawals during the IRA owner’s pension years. A Roth IRA, however, is not open to tax deferral. With a Roth IRA, income tax is paid up front and not during the individual’s retirement years.

Types of IRAs

Although there are many types of IRAs, each one must be held for safekeeping by an IRS-registered custodian entity, such as a trust, credit union, insurance company or a bank. These traditional IRAs and Roth IRAs manage the account on your behalf. There is not a lot of leeway to make decisions regarding the types of investment, which are usually limited in scope. In addition, there are also self-directed custodians that enable you to self-manage your funds across a range of investments.

This range of investments includes real estate, which has historically outperformed the stock market. Investment in real estate as a way to acquire set financial goals for one’s future is deemed as a preferred long-term capital-building strategy. Where real estate is concerned, there is also protection from inflation, as rental rates have been raised accordingly.

Challenges in Finding the Right IRA

It is not easy to find a self-directed custodian that allows you to not only invest in securities and mutual funds but also in the world of commercial real estate. There is a world of risk at stake when going with the wrong self-directed custodian. This is because you will be relying on them to provide you with a high-yielding deal flow that has undergone a scrutinized due diligence process.

There are currently around two dozen companies licensed to provide such self-directed custodian services. They vary regarding the management fees they charge, the companies’ reputation, experience and local market proficiencies, as well as their access to new opportunities and customer service.

A Solution: iintoo

Introducing iintoo, a unique online global real estate investment network, which offers the next generation of self-directed custodian services to individuals who are keen on maximizing IRA real estate investment opportunities. iintoo, which operates as a REIMCOTM (Real Estate Investment Management Company), is strategically partnered with Meridian Capital Group, which enjoys the stature of 30 years’ experience as America’s preferred mortgage advisor and largest debt broker. This partnership enables iintoo to perform due diligence at the highest of levels, which therefore reduces investor risk.

You can now utilize iintoo’s fee-free self-directed custodian service to invest in commercial-grade real estate projects as part of its social investment network. iintoo’s services afford you a brighter future for your planned retirement years.