The best rates you can find anywhere.

8.00% APY*

Through a 12-month FDIC insured deposit

Your money, making moves now.

Invest in a private Real Estate deal managed by iintoo and we will deposit half of your investment amount in a FDIC-insured deposit at 8.00% APY (subject to terms).

  • Exclusive private placement offering. Limited to $100 million, open to accredited investors only.
  • A minimum deposit transfer of $50,000 qualifies you for participation in a note on a 12-month certificate of deposit (CD) at 8.00% APY. Interest rates are subject to change.
  • Deposits are FDIC insured up to $250,000 for each investor.

* Promotional 8.00% APY may be attained through the issuer’s contribution from a portion of the investment allocation. The issuer’s specified contribution is equivalent to savings on a discounted transaction fee. For full details, please refer to the private placement offering documents.

With interest rates expected to drop throughout 2024, now is the time to lock in a high-yield, secure deposit, while capitalizing on the growth potential inherent in a diversified investment strategy.

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