Qualify for a CD at

7.00% APY*

When you invest in a Columbus real estate deal

Your money, making moves now.

An opportunity to diversify your portfolio with an income-generating multifamily and a FDIC-insured deposit at 7.00% APY.

Multifamily, Columbus, OH:

  • 98% occupancy and strong upside potential
  • Located in a strategic area near downtown Columbus, a major tech hub
  • Experienced real estate developer with strong value-add track record and 32 exits

Certificate of Deposit:

  • 12-month CD at 7% APY is FDIC insured up to $250,000 for each investor
  • Investment is split 50% between the CD and real estate investment

* Promotional 7.00% APY may be attained through the issuer’s contribution from a portion of the investment allocation. The issuer’s specified contribution is equivalent to savings on a discounted transaction fee. For full details, please refer to the private placement offering documents.

With interest rates expected to drop throughout 2024, now is the time to lock in a high-yield, secure deposit, while capitalizing on the growth potential in a major tech hub and emerging market.

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