Live investment opportunities

Selected offerings

Taylor's Place, Portfolio 3, Sioux Falls, SD

Residences at Riverdale, Little Rock, AR

iintooEquity | Shadow Creek, Houston, TX

Chestnut Heights Townhomes, Olathe, KS

iintooEquity | Cypress Springs Apts., Las Vegas, NV

Spanish Oaks, Las Vegas, NV

Prospect 2 , Milledgeville, GA

iintooEquity | 203 Sutter Avenue, Brooklyn, NY

iintooEquity | Kerrville, TX

Westfal and Gallery Park - Portland - OR

Courtlandt Complex, Bronx, NY

iintooEquity | Fox Run Apartments, Dothan, Alabama

South Portfolio 3, Chicago, IL

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, Portfolio 1

Water’s Edge, Salado, TX

iintooEquity | Tallahassee, Florida

iintooEquity | Lavista Road, Atlanta, GA

City View, Omaha, Nebraska

iintooEquity | Nostrand Ave., Brooklyn NY

Powell Street, Brooklyn NY

iintooEquity | The Haven, Milledgeville, Georgia

Apex, Aurora, CO

Aspen Village - West Valley City, UT

iintooEquity | La Entrada, New Mexico, Vukota

iintoo Equity | Legacy Crossing Omaha, Nebraska

Jericho Complex, Queens, NY

Eden Pointe At Wilcrest - Houston, TX

Clear Lake, TX

Star Village & Aspen Park, Rapid City, SD

iintooEquity | Prospect, Milledgeville, GA

Parham Pointe Drive, Little Rock, AR

Goldman 1 - South Portfolio 1 - Chicago, IL

Villa Nueva Apts., Houston, TX

epiic Investment Fund

Wyngate Townhomes, Twin Cities Metropolitan Area, MN

Section 8, Affordable Housing - S. Portfolio 5 - Chicago - IL

iintooEquity | Campus Edge, Milledgeville, GA, USA

Quail Creek – Houston, TX

Maplewood Apartments, Louisville, KY

Spectra, Broward County, FL

Grand Pavilion, Tampa, FL

SFR Portfolio, Louisville, KY

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iintooEquity | Manhattan Eagle, Brooklyn, NY

iintooEquity | Bridgeport Apartments, Irving, TX

iintooEquity | Annex Louisiana Tech

iintooEquity | Monterra Apt. Homes, Albuquerque, NM

iintooEquity | Denver Colorado

iintooEquity | RREAF 4 San Angelo, TX

iintooEquity | Chesapeake Apartments, Austin, Texas

Villaggio di Murano, Las Vegas NV

Hidden Chalet, Salt Lake City Metropolitan Area, UT

iintooEquity | Bankers Hill, San Diego, California

iintooEquity | Crown Manor Multi-Family, St. Louis, MO

iintooEquity | Abercorn Terrace, Savannah, GA

iintooEquity | Ealing, London

Woodstone Apartments, Austin, TX

iintooEquity | Manhattan Avenue, Brooklyn, NY

iintooEquity | Guttenberg, NJ

iintooEquity | Essex County, NJ

iintooEquity | Tanglewood, Colorado Springs, CO

iintooTWO | Flatbush, Brooklyn, NY

iintooEquity | Colorado Springs, CO

iintooEquity | Baytown, Texas

Arda Jean Salt Lake City, UT

iintooONE | Flatbush, Brooklyn, NY

Goldman 2 - Galveston, TX

The Reserve Apartments - Austin, TX

iintooEquity | Washington Heights, NY

iintooEquity | Park Avenue Apts., Paterson, NJ

iintooEquity | Park Station Apts., Salt Lake City Metro Area, UT

The Longhorns, Austin, TX

iintooEquity | Northwinds Apartments, St. Louis, MO

La Estrella Vista Apartments - Phoenix, Arizona

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What is the minimum amount required to participate in an investment?

Typically, investments start at $25,000

I am interested in investing a small amount in a real estate investment opportunity. Would iintoo be suitable for me?

We can work with accredited investors and our approach is to make sure the investment is right for you, in terms of investment criteria and amount.

What is the possible risk?

As with any investment, iintoo’s direct investments entail a risk that may arise due to fluctuations in the real estate market, unforeseen circumstances, or failure to perform on the business plan. Nonetheless, iintoo signs contracts with each sponsor that include collateral/pledge provisions, such as the investor’s ownership of the acquired property, and other mechanisms that allow for control and regular monitoring of the investment. For more information on risks associated with investing and principal loss, refer to our full disclaimer below.

How do I choose the investment that’s right for me?

Accredited investors can explore iintoo’s investment offerings, carefully review the detailed information provided for each investment, and choose an “investment a la carte” that best suits their preferences and criteria. Our platform allows you to see who invests in which offers and advise those who are attracted to similar projects or have already invested.

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