• Current and former investors in RealtyShares will be able to access iintoo’s crowdfunding platform.

  • Purchase of key industry player expands iintoo’s foothold in the U.S., making commercial real estate investing accessible to 200,000 registered investors from 100 countries

  • With the completion of the RealtyShares transaction, iintoo has supplemented its assets under management by 150 percent, reaching a total value of $2.5 billion.

  • More news about our purchase of RealtyShares assets as part of a joint venture that accelerates iintoo’s growth.

  • How the purchase of Realty Shares catapults iintoo into a market leadership position, which will benefit investors via our disruptive approach to crowd-sourcing real estate investments.

  • We’re sharing some exciting news today! iintoo acquires RealtyShares assets and further solidifies its position in the alternative real estate space.

  • NASDAQ: Millenial trends in investing

  • Real estate investing goes digital and online platforms find their stride.

  • The real opportunity is in smaller geographies across the country that are emerging where there is a real demand for housing.

  • iintoo’s take on how small cap companies could be affected by Trump’s new tariffs.

  • Our view on top choices for Amazon’s new headquarters.

  • What our experts say you need to know before investing in real estate.

  • What a real estate investor needs to know before going international.

  • How iintoo accommodates an array of real estate investors varying from luxury real estate investors to “regular folks”, or individuals looking to get into real estate.

  • iintoo introduces its new product for investors who have been searching for alternatives to stocks since the 2008 financial crisis.

  • iintoo opens its doors in the US and it’s a serious competitor in CRE crowdfunding space

  • iintoo launches, first online global real estate social investment network.

  • iintoo offers valuable advice on how to invest in emerging neighborhoods.

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