AI assessment of assets

Like most things in today’s world, investing and investors are becoming more advanced. At iintoo, we understand the needs of this new space and have developed unique features designed to amplify your investment experience - before, during, and after.

With iintoo’s AI-based technology, we guide you through every step of the investment process making it accessible and easier to navigate.

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Automated due diligence

Our proprietary API collects data and produces an accurate analysis to help you make your investment decisions.



Powerful insights to guide you along with your project, making sure you can optimize as you move forward.


Expert underwriting

Effective underwriting backed by human expertise.


BI assets management

The rules have changed, and today’s new real estate investment opportunities – paired with the innovative features we’ve created for investors like you – make now the time to get in. Finally, you can diversify your portfolio with the kind of assets that were once only available to the ultra-wealthy.

Premium asset acquisition within reach

We offer you only investments that have been expertly vetted using our technology-driven underwriting and hand-picked by our experienced professionals.

To find the best sponsors, we work with Meridian Capital Group, the largest commercial broker in the U.S. Meridian’s broad reach provides superior access to high-yield Type B and C investment opportunities, and their strict underwriting helps deliver over 20 qualified new sponsors to us each month.

Active management

Our platform allows you to see who invests in which offers and engage with those who are attracted to similar projects. As you continue to engage with members, you’ll begin to climb through our milestones program and unlock unique privileges.