We have worked overtime to make becoming an investor through the use of the iintoo platform as quick and simple as possible.


Learn about what is the best way to invest, taking into account your funds and your needs

Onboarding is a breeze

Each step is quick and easy, so nothing stands in the way of ownership for accredited investors


Explore opportunities on the dashboard and invest in the ones you want


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What is the minimum amount required to join an investment?

Investing in real estate online is simple and secure, starting from as little as $25,000. Our investments go through extensive due diligence and approval processes and benefit from complete transparency and ongoing professional oversight – from start to exit.

I am interested in investing a small amount in a real estate investment opportunity. Would iintoo be suitable for me?

In light of the current market conditions and, particularly, a low-interest-rate environment, it is quite challenging to find solid investment opportunities that carry a high-yield potential. Concurrently, most often there are high barriers to entry for commercial-grade real estate investments, usually reserved for big funders. Even if you do access a real estate investment of significant scope, doing so would often require large amounts of capital, ample experience, and the ability to perform costly and comprehensive due diligence analysis for each investment. Sign up and get iintoo a world of quality real estate investments that have passed our due diligence process. Start investing for as little as $25,000; moreover, since our work does not stop at funding, you will benefit from the added value of ongoing investment oversight, reported to you quarterly with full transparency. This is what we call “truly passive income” with the potential of earning high returns while managing risk.

What is the possible risk?

As with any investment, iintoo’s direct investments entail a risk that may arise due to fluctuations in the real estate market, unforeseen circumstances, or failure to perform on the business plan. Nonetheless, iintoo signs contracts with each sponsor that include collateral/pledge provisions, such as the investor’s ownership of the acquired property, and other mechanisms that allow for control and regular monitoring of the investment. For more information on risks associated with investing and principal loss, refer to our full disclaimer.

How do I choose the investment that’s right for me?

Investors may browse iintoo’s investment portfolio, carefully review the detailed information provided for each investment, and choose the investment that best suits their preferences. iintoo has also developed an “investment a la carte” model, with which you may choose your best fit according to location, asset type, term, amount, and risk rating criteria. Our platform allows you to see who invests in which offers and advise those who are attracted to similar projects or have already invested.

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