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Why iintoo?

The rules have changed, and today’s new real estate investment opportunities – paired with the innovative features we’ve created for investors like you – make now the time to get in. Finally, you can diversify into real estate with the type of commercial real estate deals that were once only available to financial institutions and the ultra-wealthy.

Rigorous Vetting

When we say we put every deal under a microscope, we mean it. Our investment committee has over 70 years of combined experience and operational expertise. We know exactly what to demand out of every sponsor, every project and every deal – and approve only 1% of all opportunities we review.

To find the best sponsors, we work with Meridian Capital Group, the largest commercial broker in the U.S. Meridian’s broad reach provides superior access to high yield type B and C real estate investment opportunities, Their strict underwriting helps deliver over 20 high-quality, qualified new sponsors to us each month.

Equity Protection

Our epiic program is a revolutionary product that provides equity protection* for real estate investments. And while no investment is ever risk-free, only iintoo takes this step to provide you two layers of protection that you won’t find anywhere else.

Your first layer of protection is a social community pool. If your epiic investment reaches its projected profit, you are repaid your principal plus 7% annual return on your investment. Any profit above the 7% yield is placed into a social community pool, which helps cover any losses for other epiic investments. If an epiic investment ends with a loss, money from this pool helps us return your principal to you.

The second layer is an innovative insurance policy. If the social community pool lacks the funds needed to return your principal, insurance by Everest Re, a leading insurance group, will kick in. Everest insures iintoo directly to protect all epiic investments and covers losses not already covered by the social pool, up to the policy limit. *There are risks associated with investing and principal loss is possible. Certain restrictions and limitations apply. Refer to our full disclaimer.

Active Management

Other platforms may be able to help you invest in real estate, but they leave the project management to others. iintoo is a true Real Estate Investment Management Company, or REIMCO™, which means there is a strong hand on the wheel to monitor and track performance for the life of your investment. Right from the start, our operating expertise and hands-on approach is there to ensure the project is led by a rock-solid development team, with adequate project financials and a rigorous plan for success. We do all the homework, so you don’t have to. But the real work comes after you invest. With REIMCO, iintoo oversees the sponsor and the project, and is here to advocate for your success. We demand real-time financial updates from the banks, weekly status reports form sponsors and even install cameras on-site to monitor progress on the ground. We have the ability to take over control of the project, if necessary.

With our exclusive approach to actively managing projects, we are always prepared to step in and resolve issues and intervene on your behalf, if and when needed.

Investment Community

We really are about investing together. So we’ve made it easy to connect with fellow investors so you can tap into shared industry knowledge. Our platform allows you to see who invests in which offers and engage those who are attracted to similar projects. Over time, you can expand your network and connect with like-minded investors to trade ideas and experiences openly and transparently. As you continue to engage with the community, you’ll begin to climb through our four-tier status program and unlock unique privileges. With iintoo’s one-of-a-kind investor network, you’re able to learn and grow as an investor with every new investment and each new connection you make.

Investing With Us

  • We Help You Get in Easily

    Each step is fast and easy, so nothing stands in the way of ownership for accredited investors.

    How You Get In

  • We Vet Projects Expertly

    So you know the research has been done for you and each offer is hand picked and pre-vetted.

  • We Make Sure The Process Runs Smoothly

    So that you’re not wasting your precious time on paperwork.

  • We Take Your Investment Goals Seriously

    We assess your needs with each investment and you can benefit from our innovative equity protection* solution.

  • We Manage Each Project Actively

    So you can count on us to keep your investment on track for the life of your investment.

  • We Connect You Socially

    So you can learn from fellow investors and share thoughts openly and transparently.

How To Get In

Of course, we’ve also worked overtime to make becoming an iintoo investor as simple and easy as it can be. It just takes a few steps, and we’ll be here to guide you along

Track Record

  • 186K


  • 368

    Deals Raised & Managed*

  • $ 550 M

    Funds Raised & Managed*

  • $ 2.3 B

    Gross Asset Value*

  • $ 67 M

    Paid Out To Investors

  • 14.85 %

    Average Exit Annual Yield**

*Figure is post-closing of the Asset Purchase and License Agreement and Management Services Agreement with RealtyShares, Inc.
**The average annual yield is equal to the ratio between the total profits from the equity investment (before tax) and the total raise (amount invested by iintoo’s equity in the project) divided by the investment net of fees. Past performance does not guarantee future results. Investment returns will fluctuate. Please refer to “Exited Project Yields” table at the bottom of the page.