Equity Protection*

epiic is a revolutionary product that provides equity protection* for real estate investments. And while no investment is ever risk-free, only iintoo takes this step to provide you two layers of protection that you won’t find anywhere else.

Your first layer of protection is a social community pool. If your epiic investment reaches its projected earnings, you are repaid your principal plus 7% annual return on your investment. Any earnings above the 7% yield is placed into a social community pool, which helps cover any losses for other epiic investments. If your epiic investment ends with a loss, money from this pool helps us return the principal to you. There are risks associated with investing and principal loss is possible.

The second layer is an innovative insurance policy. If the social community pool lacks the funds needed to return your principal, insurance by Everest Re, a leading insurance group, will kick in. Everest insures iintoo directly to protect all epiic investments and covers losses not already covered by the social pool, up to the policy limit.

*There are risks associated with investing and principal loss is possible. Certain restrictions and limitations apply. Refer to our full disclaimer.

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