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January 1, 2016

There are many studies that have looked into the phenomenon of rapid growth in tech startups. Companies like Airbnb and Uber are the most often cited, being textbook examples of how the internet can connect the world in such a way that a company can go from operating in a bedroom to revolutionizing a global industry in just a few years.

Early adopters of social platforms are those that get in at the start and understand how to take advantage of the new product. As the platform grows around them, they often become central to the online communities and are seen as the go-to people to show new users how to make a success of a new opportunity.

Who are Early Adopters?

According to Diffusion of Innovations by Everett M. Rogers, Studies looking into the phenomenon of rapid growth in tech startups have broken down the total number of users to show how people adopt new technology in blocks or waves. These break down into:

The early adopters are the ones who carry the torch of something new, something valuable, which the masses don’t quite understand or aren’t aware of. By the time the late majority joins the party, early adopters become the trusted source on the platform as the innovators and pioneers of something which eventually became a household standard.


Advantages for Early Adopters

Early adopters of social platforms gain a competitive edge. They have the chance to connect with the core founders of the business and build relationships with the senior figures within the company. As the business grows, early adopters become an integral part of the direction the company takes; founders and users working together to develop the product.

Startups consider early adopters very important. New social platforms will often look to early adopters to help mold their services around them by asking for feedback on the existing product and opinions and validation on new innovations. It’s like having a team shape your tools according to your needs, and means you can become quite influential in the direction of your industry.

Early Adopters Stand Out

Those who wholeheartedly embrace a new social platform build a following within the community, which eventually results in them being considered experts on the site.

Deep-rooted, mutually beneficial connections within the community build a sense of trust.

Once the social platform extends beyond the first 16% of uptakers, the vast majority of users follow and will often look to current users as an example of how to use the platform successfully.

Early adopters display a robust profile of activity which provides new users with a guideline for how to use the service effectively. In this case, the classic phrase is definitely appropriate: the early bird really does catch the worm.

iintoo – Invest Together

iintoo is a New-York based social investment platform which represents the rare opportunity to be one of the early adopters of something exciting and new. Via a state of the art digital platform, iintoo provides access to real estate investments that were once exclusive to professional financers and high-net-worth individuals.

For as little as $25,000, accredited investors can invest in ownership shares in potentially high-yield commercial and residential real estate projects that undergo a rigorous due diligence and approval process.

iintoo’s investment opportunities are curated by a team of seasoned professionals who perform risk assessment according to years of real estate investment experience. As a global Real Estate Investment Management Company (REIMCO), iintoo selects all investment opportunities after analyzing and verifying a project’s developer, the project’s construction/renovation plans, and revenue forecasts among other things.

Unlike other crowdfunding platforms, iintoo works directly with project developers to vet and create business plans to maximize the chances for success. Projects made available by iintoo seek to provide investors with double-digit annual returns over a two-to-three year investment period, with no ongoing management fees. iintoo also conducts complete project oversight throughout the life of an investment, which includes site visits, progress reports and the handling of quarterly returns.

Through its online platform, iintoo offers accredited investors triple-vetted real estate investment opportunities in a variety of market segments including ground-up development, residential housing, student housing, senior living, hospitality, office buildings and mixed-use assets. iintoo users can access a broad variety of quality investments from across the United States including New York, Denver, Atlanta, St. Louis, San Diego, Tulsa, OK, Wichita Falls, TX, Savannah, GA, Vernon, CT, Warrensburg, MO, and Terre Haute, IN.

Why You Should Become an Early Adopter of iintoo

Investors can access opportunities through iintoo’s social investment network at, which allows them to choose the projects they are interested in. The social aspect promotes interaction among the community: trading tips and sharing industry knowledge.

It can be difficult to start out in real estate on your own. With iintoo, investors are part of a syndicate – a community – who invest together. iintoo’s social network connects investors with other investors. It gives you the opportunity to make relationships with like-minded people, and share and discuss interesting options and opinions. While access to large real estate investment projects can be difficult for small investors, iintoo invites you to participate in all sizes of investment opportunities from as little as $25,000.