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September 6, 2016

When was the last time you called a travel agent and asked for their help in planning your next vacation? When founded in 2000, TripAdvisor was a revolutionary idea. The internet’s omnipresence and crowd enthusiasm meant that the ordinary person could no longer be fooled by glossy advertisements and empty promises. Time passed, and TripAdvisor and similar online services soon became the de-facto platforms for online travel booking. Doing research became easy – you can now get all the information you need about your vacation spot. Booking a trip has become so seamless that we have almost forgotten how to book a trip through a travel agent.

Investing in real estate is much more complicated than booking a trip, and the financial risks associated with property investments are far greater than not meeting your trip expectations. Yet, technology has the potential of playing a great role in real estate investment as it takes a very traditional business into the future.

iintoo is a real estate social investment platform that believes that great minds invest together. We allow private investors to invest in quality real estate projects and help developers and property entrepreneurs with the equity sourcing process for their projects through its real estate investment platform..

We do not stop there – we have years of expertise in real estate, funding, finance and related areas of  law, and we stand firmly behind our reputation. We are also great believers of technology and its ability to always improve and personalize user experiences. We are blatant when it comes to using the internet for the benefit of our investors.

Recently, we launched our state-of-the-art, native real estate investment platform, and we believe that we have established the framework for the future of real estate social investing.

iintoo’s platform provides its investors with a personalized yet social user experience and implements innovative technology so that its investors can focus on investment. Here are some of the platform’s most prominent features:

  1. Ubiquity– Our investors can access iintoo’s investment platform any time and from any device. Information is always up to date with news about new investments and investment progress. Investors can access their personal and private account to view their investments, payments, periodic reports and any other available information. Just as you are able to log in to your bank account and see your financial status, here too you can log in to your account through the platform and see your investment status and updated information.
  2. Online Investing (in countries where regulations permit) – Our investors can invest with one click of a button. Once our investors set up their profile with all their relevant information, they can link it to their bank account. By doing so, they can give an order to transfer the funds to their selected investment with a click of a button any time they are interested in investing. iintoo’s platform is secured,  trusted and adheres to local regulations.
  3. Digital – Trivial as it may sound, when allowed by regulations, everything is digitized – from digital signing to form filing and contract scanning. Apart from it being great for the environment, it simplifies the experience dramatically. Investors can access and see all documents and forms that are related to their investment in one place and access them for viewing, downloading and printing (if absolutely needed ) at any time.
  4. Social Network– Our strong belief that great minds invest together is being placed into action via our social investment platform. We have already discussed the power of many, and it is well-known that crowd wisdom most often yields better advice and results than an individual opinion. iintoo’s social investment platform lets investors befriend each other, chat with each other, and follow and learn from one another. New investors can track and learn from experienced investors and improve their investment know-how. Additionally,  more experienced investors can become mentors to others and share their investment philosophy and knowledge so that all may benefit. If you are concerned with your privacy, you can always choose to use the platform in a private mode, and we will never share your information and investment record without your permission.
  5. Great Minds Invest Together!– This is not only our motto, this is the way we do things at iintoo. It is always better to invest with friends and family and share great things with those you care about. Through the platform, you can invite others to join iintoo, get rewards once they invest, and benefit twice – by investing with family and friends and getting rewards from investing together with your friends and those you trust.
  6. Fun!– We are very serious about our business and we are uncompromising when it comes to trust, reputation and doing the best job we can. This is our role – we bring you prime real estate investments. However, this does not mean that you cannot benefit from the experience of investing. You can climb up the investor status ladder to receive special privileges – the more activity, the higher your rank is.

Would you like to see how iintoo’s vision is being transformed iintoo a superior, advanced, secure, interesting and fun experience? Join us today and invest together!