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April 2, 2017

iintoo was established by Dov Kotler and Eran Roth – both with reputations and vast experience in the worlds of real estate and finance. Dov Kotler, formerly the CEO at Mastercard Israel, brings over 35 years of experience in finance. Eran Roth, who was selected recently by Forbes Israel and G Globes Magazines as one of Israel’s top 40 young and promising business people, brings his experience as the founder and CEO of a successful investment fund.

Both Dov and Eran saw that by pooling their years of knowledge and experience into iintoo, they could provide significant value to investors with less experience making real estate investments. They created an innovative investment platform that literally changed the way real estate investors think. It has also opened the door to new investors that wouldn’t otherwise have the opportunity to invest in real estate.

The platform is based on these four values:

  1. Professionalism. In order to protect small investors from the power of real estate “sharks,” we believe that professionalism is vital. Our activity is based on the knowledge, experience, ingenuity and integrity of our team. We provide a combination of top-notch analysts as well as legal, investment, financial market, and real estate professionals, among others. Our investment committee leads our investment projects from beginning to end, looking after our investors’ interests and providing them with the professional and accurate information they need to make better investment and financial decisions.
  2. Opportunity. Most dream of making a passive income through investments (real estate or other kinds). As real estate investment requires some professional knowledge, it needs the support of professionals with the relevant legal, financial and property knowledge. iintoo is providing each investor with a professional platform that protects his/her interests and exposes our investors to a variety of top-quality property investments – all of which, iintoo believes, have the potential to generate profits.
  3. Transparency. iintoo strongly believes in the power of many and sees transparency as one of its core values. This value is translated into the many tools which iintoo provides to its investors. These include: a clear executive summary of each investment so that those who are not familiar with the sector’s lingo will understand the ins and outs of the deal; a direct contact among iintoo’s representatives throughout the investment’s duration; the ability to review the legal contracts with developers that explicitly put the investors’ interests first and include the right of iintoo to take over the management of the project in case it goes south; transfer of funds only when the investor has chosen to invest in a specific project; and ongoing reports from start to exit.
  4. Sharing ideas. We believe that great minds invest together. Each investor, whether a novice or experienced, can contribute to the flow of investments. Our social investing platform encourages interaction and free flow of information between our investors. This is powerful as it potentially adds another advantage to a specific investment decision and strengthens the conceptual foundation of the platform itself.

iintoo believes that our investors are the center of our activity, and we are designing our services and experience around their needs. We invite you to invest together through us, and familiarize yourself with a new way to invest.

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