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Why Invest in Real Estate? A Personal Post by Karen Zrihen

January 15th, 2016
The first thing that pops to mind when thinking about “investment” is stock investments, financial brokers, and Wall Street.

For some, this is thrilling. For others, like myself, well… the thought is daunting. What do I know about stocks? And I don’t really have the time, knowledge or experience to feel confident enough to put half of my life savings (it’s a small amount) in the hands of such a volatile concept (surrounded by horror stories and the basis for epic movies)…

But I can grasp earthly concepts like real estate. It is tangible, real, and people do need it for various uses… it is there to last.

I’m not the only one who thinks so. At the end of 2015, 27% of Americans said that real estate was the best investment option for money they would not need for more than 10 years, according to a new Bankrate.com survey of 1,000 investors.

Over the years (and I am not ignoring last decade’s housing bubble), investing in real estate proved itself as a revenue generator. Compared with other forms of investments, it is relatively safe. People will always need a place to buy, rent, or for their vacations (a salute to Airbnb).

for money you wouldnt need for more than 10 years

It is something that can always be improved with a relatively small amount of money, guaranteeing a realistic or higher sale, rent or short-term rental (e.g., vacation) prices. And even in harsh times, you are left with a property that you can either keep and sell again when times are better, or sell, at a lower price, but sell nonetheless.

You are not losing your entire (original investment). Unlike being invested in stock when the market is falling, here, you are left with something in your hands.

Compared with other forms of investments, most of us have a basic understanding in real estate and may feel comfortable to start investing. At one point in your life, you rent a place, or you buy and live in one. Therefore, you know the market prices and can form an educated guess on your return on investment. You have friends and acquaintances that have invested in real estate and enjoy their passive income.  It is also easier to research and form an opinion, and you can read (mostly online) and learn about others’ experiences – both the highs and the lows.

Having said all that, although property investment does not require what it takes to invest in the stock market, if you are considering committing your savings to property investment, you cannot do away with extensive research, due diligence or give up legal advice.

Property investment is also less volatile than the share market, making it more stable. In cases of economic changes, such as high inflation, prices go up, and so do property prices. This protects from market instabilities, especially when the property is well located, as it is less likely to crash overnight.

More recently, real estate investments opened its doors to the funding of many. Small investors (small is terms of the amount of investment) can now invest together in attractive projects and test the waters at their own pace. You also do not need to wait 10 years for your money to grow.

Here at iintoo, you can benefit from our property-investing experience and know-how. We have years of accumulated knowledge and impressive track records. We know how to maximize profit while managing risk and avoiding pitfalls. We form a deal only when we absolutely believe in it (we have a “tough” investment committee). We like to play it safe, and we like to have control over the projects we help fund in case something go wrong. We believe in short-term exits, as all of our projects are exit-oriented and are no longer than 18-36 months. We also believe that anyone can join our game – if you have $25,000 you can come and invest through iintoo.

You are guaranteed full transparency and a platform that will allow you to test the waters, grow at your own pace, learn from the best, and invest together.

We believe that great minds invest together, and we invite you to join our world.

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Karen is iintto's content manager and this is her personal post :)


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