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Everybody Dance Now

May 25th, 2015
Imagine that you are walking down the street, or waiting for a train at a train station, or simply sitting at a café. Suddenly, out of nowhere, someone starts dancing, then someone else joins in, and someone else, until you find yourself looking at a group of people (who all seemed pretty ordinary just a minute ago), all dancing in sync. The entire street is dancing, the energy in the air is exciting, and their performance is spectacular.


The Flash Move is a phenomenon expressing the power of many. Internet and technology has made gathering together simple, both online and in the real world, and it has allowed for a shift of power. We now know that when people gather together for a certain cause, they form a power to take into consideration – a power that moves things forward, that sweeps people and can lead to a deep change in social norms, the same norms that previously seemed deeply rooted and unchangeable.

Another expression of such a change can be found in the various "investing together" projects. These allow for many individuals to take part of an idea, project or start-up and enables entrepreneurs to fund their project without giving up their share, or taking NO for an answer. If their idea touches the hearts and minds of many, they will find the many to fund it. Today, it is pretty obvious that small investors (in the sense that the amount invested is rather small) can make a difference and promote, as well as profit, when gathering and acting together.

The power of many is now also understood and adopted by the real estate world. Both contractors and real estate entrepreneurs who, for years were solely dependent on banks and institutional investors, now welcome small investors with open arms. Now, they too understand that small money can become big money, that it has great power to move things forward and to remove obstacles or barriers to entry. It is a win-win situation.
It may appear that $25,000 is a small amount, but when many join with others and invest this sum together, the picture changes and becomes bigger and brighter. In this scenario, the social investor enjoys a nice profit from a relatively small amount she/he invested. She/he are not alone - both the investing firm, and her/his co-investors are together, "iinvesting toogether" :)

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