Why We Are Bullish On Affordable Housing Right Now

Sep 10, 2020
With more than 3 in 4 low-income American families who need rental assistance unable to receive it, the U.S.' need for affordable housing has proven to be a persistent issue. In this article we explain what affordable housing entails, along with three key reasons why we think now is the time to consider investing. Read More

July Performance Update

Aug 24, 2020
Our latest performance update covers iintoo’s active multifamily & student housing deals aross the U.S., with the majority of our deals performing in line with business plan estimations. Read More

June Performance Update

Jul 20, 2020
Our latest performance update covers iintoo’s active multifamily & student housing deals aross the U.S., with the majority of our deals performing in line with business plan estimations. Read More

Millionacres: 2020 iintoo Review

Jul 16, 2020
Millionacres recently published a comprehensive review of iintoo’s investor platform, strategic advantages, and investment process. Read More

Interested in getting into Real Estate? Start with Our Summer Reading List

Jul 10, 2020
These real estate reads are a valuable resource for new investors and industry veterans alike. We hope you find them informative and enjoyable! Read More

iintoo Multifamily & Student Housing Performance Report: June Update

Jul 06, 2020
While resurgences in COVID-19 have impacted many states, overall market indicators have remained stable across our portfolio to date. Having said that, many sponsors are maintaining a cautious approach for the remainder of 2020 and may be adjusting their outlook if necessary. Read More

U.S. monetary policy is entering uncharted waters. Here’s what investors need to know

Jun 22, 2020
Three concerns regarding the stock and bond markets that we believe investors should take into account, as well as the potential benefits commercial real estate investments can offer given the current investment landscape. Read More

May Performance Update

Jun 20, 2020
Our latest performance update covers iintoo’s active multifamily & student housing deals aross the U.S., with the majority of our deals performing in line with business plan estimations. Read More

iintoo Multifamily & Student Housing Performance Report: May Update

Jun 08, 2020
With all 50 states in the process of reopening, the ground-level situation has remained stable across our portfolio to date. Having said that, many sponsors are maintaining a cautious approach for the remainder of 2020 and may be adjusting their outlook if necessary, particularly as federal funding for businesses and tenants alike run their full course. Read More

What Multifamily Investors Should Focus on in Today’s Economic Climate

May 28, 2020
With working-class Americans particularly hard hit by the effects of COVID-19, there's been an increased focus on providing support to at-risk demographics and investing in existing and re-developed multifamily properties which cater to the backbone of American industry. Read More

How COVID-19 is Shaping the U.S. Multifamily Market

Apr 28, 2020
As investors look to the future and envision what the world will look like post-COVID-19, we wanted to provide our perspective on the multifamily market outlook and share some recent trends which we believe are shaping its future. Read More

What are the implications of the new CARES Act on your IRA funds?

Apr 09, 2020
The recently passed CARES Act carries several provisions which give more financial leeway to individual investors in need of more options. As the public markets continue to waver for the foreseeable future, it’s important to keep in mind the revised laws which directly affect your IRA Read More

What the Stimulus Bill Means for Real Estate Investors

Mar 26, 2020
The recently passed Federal stimulus package takes a dual-pronged approach towards addressing immediate business and individual-level needs alike, with provisions ranging from expanded small-business loans and industry-specific benefits to direct payments to individuals and an expansion of unemployment insurance benefits. In this article we cover the primary effects the stimulus bill is expected to have on the commercial real estate industry, the economic context of this recent legislation and what we can expect to happen over the coming months. Read More

iintoo’s Due Diligence Process, Explained

Mar 10, 2020
While your investment journey with iintoo typically begins when you click into one of our listed offerings, the back-end work involved in bringing you each and every one of these deals typically commences months in advance. In fact, the offerings you see on our portal constitute the <1% of all opportunities we review which are […] Read More

How to Invest During a Market Correction

Mar 09, 2020
The market is currently going through the most significant correction in over a decade. However, rather than panicking, now is the time to take a step back and reformulate your investment plan, with many investors considering more defensive investment opportunities which can potentially hedge against uncertainty Read More

Uncertain Times? Consider Investing in Real Estate Debt

Mar 02, 2020
With low interest rates and the recent volatility in the stock market and economy at large, many investors are increasingly focused on more defensive investment opportunities which can potentially hedge against uncertainty. As a result, institutional and individual investors alike are looking beyond equity and investing in commercial real estate debt. Read More

The 3 Virtues of Illiquidity

Feb 24, 2020
For many investors, the word “illiquid” evokes a restrictive vision of locked-up capital, out of reach and unresponsive to dynamic conditions. What goes unconsidered is the fact that liquidity in and of itself is meaningless unless it serves a distinct purpose, and illiquid investments such as commercial real estate and private equity have intrinsic properties which can bolster the overall structure and returns of an investor’s portfolio.  Read More

Classifying Commercial Real Estate Investments

Feb 10, 2020
By better understanding the various investment and property classifications available to them, commercial real estate investors can achieve a much clearer understanding of what to expect both during the lifetime of an investment as well as upon a project’s completion. Read More

3 Advantages of Investing in Middle-Market Commercial Real Estate in 2020

Jan 31, 2020
When investors first consider investing in commercial real estate, their initial thoughts often stray toward properties located in highly competitive primary markets such as New York City, Boston and Los Angeles. After all, the old mantra of “location, location, location” still rightly holds a great deal of sway over real estate market investors. However, between […] Read More

Preferred Equity, Explained

Jan 08, 2020
What are the Potential Advantages of Preferred Equity?   In today’s low-interest rate environment, many investors are seeking opportunities to achieve higher yields than what their traditional investment options may offer, while hedging against potential negative externalities. To this end, iintoo seeks to address this perennial issue by offering its members preferred equity on the […] Read More

Real Estate Investing 2020: Three Trends to Consider

Jan 05, 2020
With 2020 fast approaching, investors are looking for real estate opportunities that can potentially measure up to the rapid growth rate the industry has experienced in recent years, while wondering whether this growth will last. The past decade has seen commercial real estate values soar to new highs as individuals and institutions alike increase their […] Read More


Is Now a Good Time to Invest in Commercial Real Estate?

Dec 05, 2019
Interest Rates Can Provide Some Clues With the world of private market investing made increasingly accessible to broader swaths of society, recently more people have been asking themselves: is now a good time to invest in commercial real estate? While the answer to this question largely depend on which property types, asset classes and submarkets […] Read More

3 Reasons Why Sunbelt Real Estate is Looking Bright

Dec 02, 2019
Thanks to the low cost of living, appealing tax benefits and its namesake clear, sunny weather, the Sunbelt—which includes states across the lower half of the country—is the new boom region for commercial real estate. Read More

Multifamilies for Mainstreet: Building a Path Towards the American Dream

Nov 06, 2019
For a variety of cultural reasons, the final months of the year are often a time of reflection and appreciation among American households. As the nights grow longer and the weather grows colder, families are brought together in gratitude for the things that often go overlooked during the rest of the year, their jobs, their […] Read More

What is an Accredited Investor?

Sep 15, 2019
Regulated platforms such as iintoo follow strict investment guidelines set by the SEC. As a result, when raising capital for private placements, iintoo must only work with ”accredited investors”, as defined by Rule 501 of Regulation D of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.   For an individual to be an accredited investor, he/she must […] Read More

10 Books That Will Change The Way You Think About Real Estate Investing

Jun 13, 2019
The Internet is a great resource for learning more about the ins and outs of real estate investing but sometimes you need more information than a 500-word blog post or a 15-minute podcast can offer. Picking up some books on real estate investing is one way to take a deeper dive but with thousands of […] Read More

Investing in Commercial Real Estate through Your Retirement Account

Shake Up Your IRA with a Dash of CRE Depending on your appetite, the right amount of commercial real estate (CRE) can serve as a low-correlated diversifier to spice up a traditional stock and bond combo. Why Commercial Real Estate? Why should an investor consider CRE? We did a pretty substantial breakdown of the top […] Read More


Opportunity for Broker-Dealers within New Fiduciary Ruling

Oct 01, 2018
How to comply with DOL’s fiduciary duty rule and also make substantial commissions In light of the Department of Labor’s (DOL’s) fiduciary ruling, there is concern about the impact on broker-dealer activities in the short and long run. The market is set to be disrupted. It is thought that we are potentially entering an era […] Read More

How To Access Commercial-Grade Real Estate Investments

Sep 20, 2018
Real estate investment management company iintoo makes commercial-grade real estate accessible to all accredited investors. iintoo levels the playing field in real estate investing Commercial-grade real estate, which generates strong financial returns to investors and has outperformed the S&P 500 for over two decades, is often considered the turf of tycoons, institutions and the ultra-rich.  […] Read More

Aging Population and Real Estate

Aug 25, 2018
We are living in a transformative period in which the baby boomer generation’s aging population is affecting the real estate market as a whole. Some of the boomers have passed the age of 65 while many more are still waiting to join them. In 2000, 2.5 million Americans became senior citizens; today that number has […] Read More

How to Beat the 1031 Exchange Clock

Aug 08, 2018
What is a 1031 Exchange ?  A 1031 exchange allows you to defer paying taxes when you sell an investment property by reinvesting the proceeds in a qualifying replacement investment property under the Internal Revenue Code Section 1031. While using a 1031 exchange may help you defer capital gains tax, grow your wealth and increase […] Read More

The Legalization of Cannabis and Real Estate

Jul 20, 2018
The new green norm of legalized marijuana has already spread across 23 states. This includes the District of Columbia, where legislation has been passed for the use of medical marijuana to a certain degree. The federal government, however, still considers cannabis to be illegal, and this has created a legal gray area. The industry is […] Read More

The Transaction Process in Commercial Real Estate

Jul 04, 2018
There is far more complexity involved in commercial real estate transactions when comparing to residential real estate transactions. For each type of commercial deal, which will comprise months of work before reaching a signing, there will be numerous parameters for the terms of sale and type of contract. This is because the deal could vary […] Read More

Earn Passive Income from Real Estate Investing Without Landlord Duties

Jun 20, 2018
Real estate investment management company iintoo makes commercial-grade real estate accessible to all accredited investors. iintoo levels the playing field in real estate investing Commercial-grade real estate, which generates strong financial returns to investors and has outperformed the S&P 500 for over two decades, is often considered the turf of tycoons, institutions and the ultra-rich.  […] Read More

8 Classic Mistakes that Real Estate Investors Make

May 14, 2018
A failed investment is, mostly, the result of a mistake – and mistakes, especially in the world of investments, can be very expensive. In retrospect, we can always identify the mistake. However, it is cheaper and more beneficial to identify and avoid making mistakes before they happen. Completely avoiding mistakes is unattainable. Yet, knowing what […] Read More

The Future of Social Investment Networks

Apr 06, 2018
What started out as a fringe phenomenon, social investment networks where investors share opinions and make investments, has become a well-developed industry. The evolution and democratization of the internet has provided for an array of platforms across a multitude of sectors for the meeting of minds to take part in crowdfunding ventures. Currently the buzz […] Read More

5 Money Management Personality Styles

Mar 06, 2018
The saying “different strokes for different folks” also applies to the world of money management. People’s approaches to handling money and their investments vary based upon numerous personality factors. These factors range from overeagerness to shying away from the subject, de facto. We have divided money management personalities into five classes: Bystanders, Spectators, Players, Seekers […] Read More

Real Estate ROI – 101

Feb 01, 2018
How do people measure if they are receiving a good return on their real estate investment portfolios? What is the best way to evaluate the potential returns when comparing a number of deals? Return on investment (ROI) is a term of measurement utilized to provide an estimation or comparison as well as an evaluation on […] Read More

Shifting from crowdfunding “platform” to online investments social networks helps mitigate risk, maximize potential

Jan 15, 2018
Imagine knocking on the door of one of New York City’s commercial real estate titans and asking to invest $25,000 in one of their next multimillion-dollar development projects? You’d be the laughing stock of the office for years to come! Equity investments in projects like these are usually reserved for institutional investors—insurance agencies, pensions, hedge […] Read More


REITS vs. New Trend Social Investment Networks

Dec 24, 2017
The benefits of real estate investment are very clear. It has constantly outperformed the stock market and is considered a great way to build one’s wealth. However, for most people, the hassle of dealing with real estate investment on an individual level as a property owner is quite arduous. There’s more concern beyond the day-to-day […] Read More

Collective Wisdom and Social Investment Benefits

Dec 06, 2017
Every investment strategy has its moment of glory, and no recurring practice can prove invaluable time and time again. Seasoned investors who have acquired a high level of proficiency and a track record know that beyond your chosen secret formula, diversification is a critical strategy. They also know that long-term yields for real estate investment […] Read More

Save or invest?

Nov 10, 2017
Building wealth and acquiring financial independence are constantly on the top of most of our minds. The strategic assessment relating to the best avenues for preserving capital and the correct allocation of one’s finances holistically between savings and investments is a critical part of a personal financial strategy. Delving into the crux of the choices […] Read More

Trends to follow in US real estate

Oct 01, 2017
There is great diversity in the real estate markets across the US, with a wide range of property assets available for buyers and investors of all sizes, from the individual household to the biggest corporates. A multitude of factors which are driving growth in the real estate ecosystem. Five of these notable aspects include, changing […] Read More

6 Inspirational Real Estate Quotes and What We Can Take From Them

Sep 24, 2017
“Real estate cannot be lost or stolen, nor can it be carried away. Purchased with common sense, paid for in full, and managed with reasonable care, it is about the safest investment in the world.” — Franklin D. Roosevelt, U.S. President. Real estate is an imperishable asset which will over time, no matter how the […] Read More

How Does Trump Affect the Real Estate Market?

Sep 06, 2017
The new US President, Donald Trump is a renowned real estate man who is now the most powerful man in the world. It is not yet known what his policy platform fully entails, however it should almost certainly have an effect on real estate as a whole. There is a large degree of uncertainty relating […] Read More

Investing in Rental Properties for Beginners

Aug 20, 2017
Real estate investment in rentals may initially seem quite intimidating, and, yes indeed, there is a lot to know. However, a methodological approach will keep beginners focused on what is important to help deliver the home run. We recommend that beginners keep the following three aspects in mind when preparing to undertake an investment. 3 […] Read More

How to build your real estate investment portfolio

Aug 04, 2017
Investing in real estate with the aim of acquiring set financial goals for the future is deemed as a preferred long-term capital building strategy. In today’s world there is an abundance of opportunities available when getting started on your real estate portfolio. Whether it is your intent to become a real estate magnate, to secure […] Read More

What to Look for in a Real Estate Investment Platform

Jul 17, 2017
  We are currently experiencing a growing trend in emerging real estate digital investment platforms. The market for such internet based platforms has evolved significantly with increased competition and abundant opportunities, however it is important to know what to look for when reviewing the options of which company to run your real estate investments with. […] Read More

Multi-Family Investments Continue to Be a Strategy for the Ultra-Rich

Jun 20, 2017
In the eyes of many wealthy and proven investors, real estate investment is a preferential way to grow your wealth. According to Forbes, the USA hosts the majority of property tycoon billionaires (44) in comparison to any other country in the world. Of these 44 billionaires, the wealthiest American property mogul is Donald Bren, who […] Read More

Cash-on-Cash Return

Jun 02, 2017
Cash-on-cash return, also known as the equity dividend rate, is a commonly used format to evaluate the rate of return on investments in real estate transactions. In the world of real estate, it does not make sense to provide projected Returns on Investment (ROI) when assessing a property, as ROI takes into account all aspects […] Read More

Positive Outlook for Multi-Family Housing Encourages Further Investment

Apr 20, 2017
Before we begin, let’s define what exactly multi-family housing refers to in the real estate industry. We are looking at multiple residential units, situated either in a single building or many buildings, as a part of a larger complex. Multi-family residential housing projects in the US continue to show signs of exponential growth. This growth […] Read More

What is behind the name iintoo?

Apr 02, 2017
iintoo was established by Dov Kotler and Eran Roth – both with reputations and vast experience in the worlds of real estate and finance. Dov Kotler, formerly the CEO at Mastercard Israel, brings over 35 years of experience in finance. Eran Roth, who was selected recently by Forbes Israel and G Globes Magazines as one […] Read More

Securing Your Investment – iintoo’s Investment Committee

Mar 15, 2017
iintoo is a real estate social investment platform that follows the axiom that great minds invest together. We allow private investors to invest in quality real estate projects and help developers and real estate entrepreneurs by providing equity for their projects through its investing together platform. For private investors, this means that they can now […] Read More


Feb 20, 2017
House flipping is a term used mostly to describe buying and selling a house in the same calendar year. It usually involves the renovation of the house with the sole purpose of increasing its sales value. On TV, house flipping appears easy – you purchase a house, upgrade it, and sell it at a higher price. […] Read More

In Finance, the Future is Social

Jan 17, 2017
Say goodbye: The days of handing over your money—and your trust—to a wealth management adviser may be over. According to a report published last year by Goldman Sachs (yes, some of those very same advisers!), when it comes to finance and managing our money and investments, the future is social. It’s all about connecting, networking, […] Read More


Don’t Put All Your Eggs in One Basket

Dec 06, 2016
Investing in real estate is viewed as an attractive and smart choice for a range of reasons: Zero-interest-rate policies may lead to the devaluation of money we keep in the banks and means that there may be no traditional attractive investment alternative. Therefore, and despite all the efforts by various governments to regulate economies around […] Read More

Why Should You Be Interested in the Investment Decisions of the World’s Wealthiest People?

Nov 25, 2016
According to the “The Wealth Report 2015” by Knight Frank, the global real estate consulting company, property investment has retained its appeal for the latest generation of the Ultra-High-Net-Worth Individuals (UHNWI). According to the report, 45% of younger UHNWIs are more interested in property investment than their parents. This trend manifests itself not only among […] Read More

Property Investment – a Suggested Checklist for a Savvy Investment

Nov 22, 2016
Deciding to invest in property does not always come easily, especially if this is your first time. As we are in the business of property investment with an accumulated knowledge of 70 years, we have decided to share with you some of the issues that our investors face and consider prior to deciding to invest […] Read More

Investing in Commercial Real Estate through Your Retirement Account

Sep 16, 2016
Gain Potential Tax Advantages  by Investing in Commercial Real Estate through Your Retirement Account Commercial real estate can serve as a low-correlated diversifier to a traditional stock and bond retirement portfolio, given it’s historical performance as a higher-risk, higher-yield asset class. And if you’re investing in a qualified tax-sheltered retirement account, you can enjoy potential […] Read More

When Technology Meets Real Estate Investing

Sep 06, 2016
When was the last time you called a travel agent and asked for their help in planning your next vacation? When founded in 2000, TripAdvisor was a revolutionary idea. The internet’s omnipresence and crowd enthusiasm meant that the ordinary person could no longer be fooled by glossy advertisements and empty promises. Time passed, and TripAdvisor […] Read More

Investing Together

Aug 20, 2016
Ever asked yourself why invest together? It is only recently that investing together in real estate has become so popular. It was estimated that by the end of 2014, investors injected $1 billion in to the US property market with a further projection to end 2015 with an estimated $2.5 billion. All of this came about with […] Read More

Some Interesting Findings about the Wealthiest People in the World

Jul 15, 2016
  UHNWI stands for Ultra-High-Net-Worth Individuals. UHNWIs are the richest people in the world, with a personal net worth of over $30m. In their report, The Wealth Report 2015, Knight Frank, the global real estate consulting company, sheds light on the many aspects of the lifestyle of today’s 173,000 UHNWIs, from wealth creation to philanthropy, […] Read More

What’s next in finance? Ask a millennial

Jul 06, 2016
Has any generation ever gotten as much attention as millennials do? They’re called lazy, addicted to their phones, dependent on their parents, and entitled. Or, conversely, they’re lauded for being creative and entrepreneurial go-getters in challenging times. One thing’s for sure, though: When it comes to money matters, millennials (those born between the early 1980s […] Read More

The Importance of Portfolio Diversification Relating to Real Estate Investments

Jun 20, 2016
One of the core principles of portfolio management is diversification. The objective is to allocate capital across a multitude of assets to minimize risk and overexposure, with the aim of acquiring a higher blended rate of return. This is in accordance with Modern Portfolio Theory, which states that overall risks can be reduced when investors […] Read More

The Real Estate Alternative

May 02, 2016
Traditionally, investors have chosen to diversify their portfolios by investing in stocks and bonds. But in recent years, new asset classes have emerged and are today being embraced by investors worldwide. These “alternative” investments include commodities, private equity, venture capital, hedge funds and real estate. In this article, we explore the benefits of investing in […] Read More

Five Tips to Help You Take Your Investment to the Next Level

Apr 20, 2016
iintoo’s Managing Director, Jeff Holzmann, knows how challenging it is to juggle a hectic lifestyle with personal investing. In an interview with Yahoo Finance, he offers 5 simple tips to help overcome these challenges and become a better investor. Watch the video: Read More

Classifying Real Estate Classes – A, B & C

Feb 20, 2016
A classification system has been applied to real estate as an overall rating structure comprised of central qualifying characteristics. Assets are marketed as either Class A, Class B or Class C properties, which makes it easier for industry professionals to communicate the general differences in property types.  This classification also helps strategic investors to gauge […] Read More

What is an accredited investor and why is being one important

Jan 20, 2016
An accredited investor is a person or an entity with a special investment status set according to the laws of financial regulation. Regulation is set in place to protect investors from risk and accredited investors are perceived to have enough income, assets, net worth and/or investment proficiency to sustain the loss in the case of […] Read More

Why Early Adopters of Social Platforms Win the Internet

Jan 01, 2016
There are many studies that have looked into the phenomenon of rapid growth in tech startups. Companies like Airbnb and Uber are the most often cited, being textbook examples of how the internet can connect the world in such a way that a company can go from operating in a bedroom to revolutionizing a global […] Read More


It’s Official: Real Estate Has the Highest Long-Run Returns

Dec 20, 2015
A recently published paper analyzes a wealth of comprehensive data from 1870-2015 for all major asset classes in order to answer fundamental questions that have preoccupied economists since the 18th century.  One of these questions is: which asset class has the highest long-run returns? The Winner Since 1870 is Real Estate Read the full study Read More

Get the Most out of Your Investment Retirement Account (IRA)

Nov 20, 2015
Setting yourself up for a successful retirement with pre-allocated funds requires advanced planning. Your individual retirement accounts, or IRAs, are an integral part of the overall strategy to maximize your savings. IRAs are investment tools utilized by individuals to acquire capital and put aside savings, specifically for their retirement years. An IRA can comprise stocks, […] Read More

A 101 on 1031 Exchange Benefits

Oct 02, 2015
Did you know that it is possible to save up to 40% in taxes upon selling your real estate asset? Educated real estate investors across the US are utilizing the 1031 exchange as a part of their investment strategy. This enables the selling of a property and deferring the capital gains taxes from the profit […] Read More

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