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Of course, we’ve also worked overtime to make becoming an iintoo investor as simple and easy as it can be. It just takes a few steps, and we’ll be here to guide you all along


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Investing with us

  • We help you get in easily

    Each step is fast and easy, so nothing stands in the way of ownership for accredited investors.

    How You Get In

  • We thoroughly vet our deals

    So you know the research has been done for you and each offer is hand-picked and meets our high standards.

  • We streamline your investment process

    So that you’re not wasting your precious time on paperwork.

  • We take your investment goals seriously

    We assess your needs with each investment and you can benefit from our innovative equity protection* solution. See full disclaimer

  • Our dedicated analysts actively monitor each project

    So you can count on us to actively keep tabs on the project and issue regular reports over the life of your investment.

  • We connect you socially

    So you can learn from fellow investors and exchange ideas openly and effortlessly.

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Why iintoo?

Real estate investments are now available to new investors like you. To that end, our innovative platform caters to your needs with an arsenal of unique features designed to provide convenience and transparency before, during, and after your investment.

Certain restrictions and limitations apply. For more information please read our full disclaimer.

  • We are not a marketplace

    We offer a curated selection of deals that we underwrite on a firm commitment basis, allowing investors to benefit from our due diligence and industry expertise.

  • Invest together

    We really are all about investing together. So we’ve made it easy to connect with like-minded investors so you can tap into a broad base of shared industry knowledge.

  • Active oversight

    iintoo's analyst team actively monitors and tracks your investment even after the closing date.

  • Equity Protection*

    Our epiic program is a revolutionary product that provides equity protection for real estate investments. See full disclaimer

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Certain restrictions and limitations apply. For more information please read our full disclaimer.

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