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Why iintoo?

Premium real estate investments are now accessible to accredited investors. iintoo is geared towards serving your investment needs, with many personalized features to help you find the right fit.

Rigorous Vetting

Means you’ve got experts sweating all the research for you. Our due diligence team analyzes each detail of every project with full transparency.

Equity Protection

Our epiic Equity Protection* is an industry first. So you can invest with confidence, knowing that our expertise is at work for you.

Active Management

Our team scrutinizes every project for you to ensure strong financial standing, reputable management and rock-solid plans.

Investment Community

We’ve made it easy to connect with fellow investors so you can share your thoughts with like minded members and gain from a wealth of knowledge & know-how.

*There are risks associated with investing and principal loss is possible. Certain restrictions and limitations apply. Refer to our full disclaimer.

Track Record

  • 204K


  • 383

    Deals Raised & Managed*

  • $ 670 M

    Funds Raised & Managed*

  • $ 2.9 B

    Gross Asset Value*

  • $ 93.9 M

    Paid Out To Investors

  • 12.96 %

    Median Exit Annual Yield**

*Figure is post-closing of the Asset Purchase and License Agreement and Management Services Agreement with RealtyShares, Inc.
**The average annual yield is equal to the ratio between the total profits from the equity investment (before tax) and the total raise (amount invested by iintoo’s equity in the project) divided by the investment net of fees. Past performance does not guarantee future results. Investment returns will fluctuate. Please refer to “Exited Project Yields” table at the bottom of the page.

Investing With Us

  • We Help You Get in Easily

    Each step is fast and easy, so nothing stands in the way of ownership for accredited investors.

    How You Get In

  • We Vet Projects Expertly

    So you know the research has been done for you and each offer is hand picked and pre-vetted.

  • We Make Sure The Process Runs Smoothly

    So that you’re not wasting your precious time on paperwork.

  • We Take Your Investment Goals Seriously

    We assess your needs with each investment and you can benefit from our innovative equity protection* solution.

  • We Manage Each Project Actively

    So you can count on us to keep your investment on track for the life of your investment.

  • We Connect You Socially

    So you can learn from fellow investors and share thoughts openly and transparently.

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